Monday, December 10, 2018

Mondays with Charlie

On most Mondays I get a little visit with our grandson Charlie!

He lives in Albania with his parents who are JV missionaries there, and Mondays are their day off so that's why we get in our Monday visits!

It's amazing to be able to watch him grow week by week, hearing his new words and seeing him toddle around in their home there. I wish I could video it each time to remember all the little details that make him "Charlie" these days!

Today it was his new word of "doctor" and him patting his chest with his hand when you say his full name of Charles Salem...oh my, he couldn't have been any cuter than when he does that!

Oh and he danced when I sang to him! Today it was "Baby Shark" in honor of his very cool sweatshirt. 🦈

He and his parents will be with us in just 13 days. It will be their first Christmas in Europe as missionaries here (no jet lag when they come!), and the first with us since they married four and a half years ago. I can hardly wait to see them, and Charlie, in person soon!

I sat out on the porch as I talked, wrapped in my coat, (because Dave was in Skype meetings all day and I didn't want to disturb him), watching the ever changing view here. It's chilly today since we had the storm last night.

But pretty as always!

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