Monday, December 31, 2018

Ringing in the New Year

And just like that, I'm back home again after my quickest trip to the States ever!

I went home to gather things and then headed up to Selah, the JV retreat house, for our annual New Year's celebration!

Every year it's some combination of Ellenwood's, Hash's and Patty's who come for a special evening together.

This year we had two generations of Hash's, and three generation of Patty's here to celebrate!

It was so sweet to see Asher and Judah after having spent six days in a row with them. I'd missed their sweet smiles and humor!

Judah is doing his impression of cousin Charlie's look when you say "Smile!"

Tyler's gift from Dave arrived by mail this afternoon, all the way from China!

If you know Tyler, you know his expertise about all things to do with coffee! Dave decided to give him a coffee bean roaster so that he could use that expertise to dial in a perfect roast. Tonight was his first try!

It's been many years since either Jacob Hash or Tyler has been here at Selah for our New Year's celebration. So fun to have both of them on the JV team, thus making it possible for them to be here tonight.

It was such a sweet evening of friendship for us all.

After putting the kids to bed, we gathered for a few rounds of "Code Names", the game developed by a Czech man! If you haven't played it, you need's a great game!

Fireworks started happening across the valley well before midnight, but the real show started at 12:00 to ring in the New Year!

It's not a coordinated show, like it might be in the US on a 4th of July celebration. Rather, it's just normal people shooting off gigantic fireworks for everyone to see and enjoy!

If I had to guess, I say there are around a thousand different fireworks going off over the space of a half hour after midnight, making it truly one of the most spectacular shows to witness. And seeing it from halfway up the mountain, with a view of the whole valley is particularly special!

So glad we got to spend this evening with these fun people!

I have lots of anticipation about this coming year! There is much we're praying for in terms of the ministry of JV, lives of young people being impacted, and needs that only God can fulfill. I can't wait to see what happens!

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