Thursday, December 27, 2018

Guys and Girls

By today there wasn't much snow left from our beautiful white Christmas. 

But that didn't stop the boys from their plans today!

When we started out our days together a few days ago, we all talked about things that we would love to do while together. One of those things was to have a guys and girls time, and that was today!

They had to drive a ways to find snow, but find it they did!

They hiked up into the mountains with sleds, and then took turns flying down the hill!

When they got back Judah told me that Papa went "really, really fast". I can believe that! But I'm also sure it was all under control and just enough speed to make it adventurous, but not too much! I think they all had a great time!

While they were finding snow, we were finding Claire's apartment!

She had invited us over for coffee and sharing time, which was so sweet with these dear ones.

I sure love these daughters!

Claire and I dropped Lara and Haley off in town for lunch with their husbands, while we went home to join Papa in caring for the boys.

These are very memorable days of sharing life together.

I'm soaking in each day!

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