Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Prep

If Claire hadn't been around today, I'd have no photos to share of all the sweetness about the day!

While my friend and I were getting together for our annual Christmas celebration with each other (a tradition that started on Christmas Eve ten years ago when we first met at the cafe she had back then!), Claire stopped by to say hello. Thanks to her we have a photo to document Ingrid's and my precious time together this afternoon.

This evening Claire came over to help me decorate the Christmas tree that Dave put up today.

I had no idea she was documenting our progress along the way!

And documenting our annual "Elf" movie night while we decorated. I love traditions like this!

I was so focused on getting it done before Caleb and Haley get here tomorrow, that I never once thought about taking a picture. Good thing she knows me so well and knew I'd want to blog about the day. 😉

When we were done, I did get a picture of her and Kaylee (who's feeling a little better tonight) by our finished product!

With only a few small details to go, I'm just about ready for our family to begin gathering here tomorrow, which will be the first time in eight years that we've spent Christmas with everyone at home.

Yes, I'm pretty excited about that, and pretty sure I won't forget to take pictures of it!

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