Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Party Begins Now!

This afternoon I made it to the platform just as this train was pulling into the station.

I'm glad I made it there just in time to see these precious ones get off.

Caleb, Haley and Charlie, who live and serve with JV in Albania, flew to Budapest last night and took a train to Ostrava today to spend Christmas with us!!

This is the first time in eight years that all our kids, daughter-in-laws and grandsons will be at our house to celebrate this special holiday.

Claire came with me to the train station to pick them up so had a sweet reunion too getting to greet them as they arrived.

Caleb and Haley wanted to do some Christmas shopping, so before we even went home we headed to the mall and let them go off on their own while we took Charlie for a few hours.

Where better to go than the toy store? !

I loved how much he enjoyed things, even the tag on a little car!

But he also didn't ask to keep anything; instead told me "All done" when he was ready to put it back on the shelf.

He finds so much joy in the moment, like playing for over an hour in a "pop up" play area that the mall had set up for kids.

Caleb and Haley have been telling us how good he is at making up games and having fun, so it was fun to witness that with my own eyes.

We all had big smiles on our faces watching him have such a good time!

With shopping finished, we headed for home where they'll be with us until Saturday.

Tomorrow Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher, along with Claire, will come too and all stay through Friday. It's going to be one long Christmas party at our house!

Tonight was such a wonderful beginning to what I anticipate will be a very special Christmas, celebrating our Savior with our loved ones.

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