Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sunshine and Sunset

There is something so nourishing about sunshine in December on Hvar!

Dave and I took our computers out on the porch all afternoon and worked in the sunshine, soaking up the good Vitamin D.

I'm glad Dave brought an extra hat since I forgot mine!

The air was cool after a storm came through last night and blew out all the clouds. But with warm sunshine, it made for a perfect working spot while it was shining.

As the day came to a close, the air turned chilly and we made our way back into the house.

Only to hurry out again to catch photos of the spectacular sunset!

In all of my life I've never seen more beautiful sunsets than here on Hvar in December. If I was a meteorologist I could probably explain why that's true! But since I'm not, I get to just enjoy every turn of color as the sun sets deeper over the horizon to bring this day to a close.

Good Night Hvar!


  1. Oh Connie! Sooo beautiful pics... enjoy enjoy! and sea air is the best for your sinus infection... you look great in Dave's hat :) hope to see you soon... i guess we have a ten years anniversary this Christmas! love you... miss u...

  2. That looks so perfect and relaxing. I can picture it well. Hope you have a good time unwinding for a couple of weeks!