Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quiet in Winter

Dave and I are tucked away on Hvar right now, working on various projects for the next few weeks.

Being on the south side of the island in December means a drive for all but the most basic of things that are available at a little mini market in town.

While Dave kept working, I set off towards Hvar Town, a 30 minute drive, in hope's of doing a week's worth of grocery shopping there so I can stay tucked away for a week once I'm done.

Because it's shorter to go on the "dirt road", a road that was literally dug out on the side of the mountain a few years ago, I got to see some incredible views along the way...with no guardrails to stop me from those views!

Some day this road is going to be finished to European Union standards and I'll remember the day when you could drive along here and have such unobstructed views as this!

While I'm really here in Hvar Town to get groceries, I can't resist taking a walk to see what's happening here right now.

As you can see...not much!

It was SOOOOO quiet here, except for the construction work going on at the Park Hotel - see the crane? - which they've completely stripped except for the front face of it. It should be spectacular when it's finished!

There are only a handful of stores open...and I mean maybe two, not including the pharmacy which is always open and has such a lovely nativity in its front window.

One cafe at the water's edge is open too, with a handful of men sipping their coffee outside on this blustery day. I didn't stop for coffee, but did stop to admire the view.

I wandered down to the riva, the place that is absolutely bustling with mega yachts in the summer, but is oh so quiet with fishing boats in winter.

And I took a stroll through the back streets which are full in summer too, but completely empty now.

Not one shop was open along any of those streets, except for a hair salon! This place is QUIET in the winter months.

Except for a grandma playing kickball in the square with her grandson. Sweet grandma!

The grocery store was nearly empty as well. I think I walked past three customers the whole time I was in there! There were definitely more people working than people shopping.

But there is definitely rest in this quiet. It's good for us to be in quiet for these weeks.

And surely it is good for the inhabitants too. While tourism is their bread and butter, they must, at times, feel overwhelmed and overrun with people all summer. This is their chance to rest and recuperate in the winter.

I quietly and politely made my way through the store, wanting to give them that rest, and went home feeling oddly restful too.

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