Monday, December 31, 2018

One Million

While I was somewhere over the ocean, between the US and Europe, a significant event occurred here at Living By Lysa.

On this last day of 2018 ... the millionth (is that a word?!) viewing of my blog took place!

When I started it in 2006 I didn't have a plan for how I wanted to utilize it. In fact, for the first five years, I only posted a few times every month!

It was in 2011 that I took some time to pray and think about it, making the decision to blog more often in a journalistic style, capturing our life and ministry here in the Czech Republic. Contrary to what I thought (that I would run out of things to write about!), I not only kept going, but blogged more and more often, with this year being my strongest year.

Recording the joys and difficulties, peaks and valleys, happy and sad times of life and ministry has been so cathartic over the years. It helps me to process what we're experiencing by taking time to write about it.

While there is a lot that I can't write about (maintaining good boundaries of privacy about those we minister to and with), I know that if I write something I will remember how beautiful or tough times were, and how God saw us through them. Most of all with this blog, I want to recognize God's touch in every aspect of life, and give him thanks, honor, glory and praise for being with me through it all.

Thank you to everyone who has visited me at Living By Lysa sometime in the past twelve years!

May the coming years give the Lord more glory for what He's doing in this region of the world!

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  1. Wow congratulations on the million click club! Way to go in catching up on a few weeks of blogging all in one sitting.