Saturday, December 8, 2018

Shafts of Light

It started off cloudy but warm today, so taking a break from our projects, we went out to do yard work here on Hvar.

But by 1:30, the sky was looking ominous as a storm blew in from the north.

It's the craziest thing to literally watch it move across the sky, bringing raindrops that soon turned to what felt like a slow running water faucet!

And yet in the midst of it, out at the horizon, were these shafts of light shining through.

The clouds would swirl and shift at a moment's notice, while the shaft of light stayed the same.

We've often said that it actually feels like there is a "hole" in the sky above this village. Sometimes it's close to shore, and sometimes it's way out to sea like it was today.

While I ran in to get my coat on, the wind picked up, and the sky let loose with rain. I didn't want to miss a good storm from the protection of our terrace!

As the storm rolled through, the shaft of light stayed the same out on the horizon.

Right now I'm reading through Exodus, and am just at the part where God sends a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to lead the Israelites in their escape from Egypt.

Seeing this sight today, both the clouds and the "pillar of light", I could more clearly imagine what that might have been like for them.

Finally the storm passed, with sunshine and blue sky replacing the rain clouds.

And then, within just a few minutes, this sight appeared on the horizon!

Again, the "hole" that let the light shine through!

Suddenly one of my favorite songs came to my mind...

"He's coming on the clouds, kings and kingdoms will bow down..."

"...and every chain will break, as broken hearts declare his praise. Who can stop the Lord Almighty?

Our God is the Lion, the lion of Judah, he's roaring with power and fighting our battles, every knee will bow before You..."

YES!! Indeed every knee will bow.

And this is what compels and motivates us to continue sharing the Gospel and discipling young people across Central and Eastern Europe! We want SO many to bow their knee as believers in our GREAT GOD!!!


  1. Amen! Every chain will break as broken hearts declare His praise...who can stop Him?! Beautiful.

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