Friday, December 21, 2018

Saving Kaylee

Dave and I arrived home to Frydlant late last night, and this morning our little furry girl came home.

What is significant about this is that we almost lost her to illness while we were gone these past weeks.

When I left I thought she was doing better, but within just a few days she took a drastic turn for the worse.

Had it not been for our quick thinking dog sitter who contacted Claire when she knew something wasn't right, and for Claire who rushed her to the vet and then nursed her back to health for a week, and for a vet who took every measure to diagnose and treat her, we would not have come home to this sweet little pup.

Today we took her back to see the vet for another check up.

Someone clever made gingerbread ornaments for the vet's office! 

Kaylee doesn't yet seem quite like herself, so I'm glad the vet had already made arrangements last week with Claire to bring her in today before their holiday schedule begins. 

This vet has been so thorough, checking her heart each time to make sure it's not enlarging, and watching over other areas of her body like her lungs by ultrasound. We are super thankful to the Lord for leading us to him back in October when she first became ill.

For several months she has continued to unexplainably lose weight, but today was some good news! She's back up to an acceptable weight.

With the next round of medication to give her, I feel like we have a small dog pharmacy at home! But I'm grateful that our vet is watching closely over her, and that the things he's giving are helpful to Kaylee. The doctor is hopeful that she'll be feeling better soon.

We're just not ready to lose this sweet little dog yet! So we'll continue to press on in watching over her and pray for God's hand over her.

Yes, I pray for my dog! If animals were a part of God's story from the very beginning, and right up through the birth of his Son, I'm pretty sure He cares about them as His special creations.

Just outside of the vet's office, there was a Christmas market in the square. And this beautiful life size nativity was there to remind me once again of our good Father who cares for us all.

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