Wednesday, December 12, 2018

No Electricity

One of the crazy things about coming to this side of the island in the winter is that you are guaranteed to experience electricity outages. And no, we don't really understand why!

Sometimes they are for just a few minutes; sometimes they are for the whole day.

Good thing it's beautiful to look outside even if the electricity is off.

Today's outage turned out to be five hours long. By mid afternoon it was getting cold so Dave made a fire to warm us up as we worked!

I'm enjoying these days, even if there isn't electricity, as I write Christmas letters to all of our supporters who stand with us in ministry.

We are incredibly thankful to this group of people (you know who you are!), many of whom have been with us for even longer than we've been here in Czech (during our years of ministry in Germany).

But this is an especially significant year to send words of appreciation to them since we're celebrating twenty five years of Josiah Venture. I hope they like what's in those envelopes! 😉 Most of all I hope they know the joy of what God is doing through their prayers and gifts that keep us going.

The electricity finally came back on at 4 this afternoon, just as the sun was setting under those dark clouds.

Heavy rains are forecasted over the next few days so we'll have extra reasons to stay cozied up inside, working on our various projects.

Even if the electricity goes off again (which it probably will!), we've got all the "light" we need to keep us warm!

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  1. I like the blog activity when your life slows down. We get to see those fun small things like no power. Thanks for the blogs from Hvar. Lovely to see it any time of year.