Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Clean and Ready to Go!

For our final day on Hvar, the sea put on quite a show!

If you can't see it, that's the wind kicking up spray and waves out there - absolutely beautiful!

Through the night last night I was woken several times by clanging shutters and gusty howls of wind. Thankfully it didn't keep me turning over and going back to sleep as there is actually something oddly comforting about being snug in bed when the wind kicks up here.

It was still howling when we woke up, and continued throughout the whole day!

I stepped outside to take a short video of it late this afternoon, when all of a sudden such a gust hit me that I stumbled and bobbled my phone, nearly dropping it. Glad I have good reflexes and managed to keep it from tumbling onto the stone, which surely would have shattered it. But that tells you how strong it was blowing today.

We've had a lot of grey days with wind while we're been here this time. But today that wind blew the clouds away and gave us blue sky and sunshine all day!

Not to mention a fantastic sunset tonight!

While we've been working hard (not physically...just mental kind of work), we both feel so refreshed, as if the wind that's been blowing outside blew through us and cleaned things out so that we're fresh and ready to go.

We pack up and leave tomorrow afternoon for Split where we'll spend the night. We'll meet a friend breakfast in the morning and then make the drive home to Frydlant, to our family, and to a Christmas celebration like we haven't had in a long time!

Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical tanks are full after these weeks of being here on Hvar, and we are very much looking forward to the full months ahead of all that God has planned out for us! If you've been some of those who have prayed for us, thank you! The Lord has definitely met us here on our beloved island.

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