Thursday, December 27, 2018

Impromptu Photo Shoot

While in the States this fall I was at Target looking in the little boy's department since I have these three precious little grandsons.

Seeing handsome shirts reminded me that I could get matching ones for them and hope to get a picture of them in those shirts at Christmas time when they were all together here.

I'm not sure if Lara and Haley coordinated, but all three boys were in their matching shirts this morning, which led to an impromptu photo session with them, Papa and I.

These boys MELT MY HEART!! I had no idea that having grandchildren would be this much fun!

And it's even sweeter having them all together during these days, watching them interact, play, wrestle, laugh and talk with each other and all of us.

In hashtag language this is definitely #nonnieshappyplace! 😂

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