Sunday, December 2, 2018

When You Can't Be There

As Dave and I drove from Slovenia to Croatia, we had an incredibly worshipful time tonight, tuning in to the live stream of a special concert happening at home in Ostrava. 

Oh the power of Jesus' name that went forth from this concert hall tonight!

I had to take screenshots to capture it in the dark as we drove!

Led by Terry English, one of our JV missionaries, OZG (Ostrava Sings the Gospel) took place tonight at the largest music venue in Ostrava, the Gong.

Year Six of this amazing outreach to bring the joy and message of Christmas, to both the choir members (many who are not yet believers) and to all those who paid for tickets, was the best yet!

Mel and Amy, our friends and JV teammates, both had solos, and a duet in one of the songs. How special to listen in as they proclaimed the beautiful name of Jesus.

It's an hour and a half long, but if you want a very joyful, worshipful, energetic, God honoring experience to welcome in your Christmas, this is a concert to watch. You can find it on OZG's Facebook page HERE

Without the careful leadership of Terry, along with all those who stand with and support him, this event wouldn't happen. It takes so much effort to put this on!

But it's now such a popular event in Ostrava that they did three concerts this year, filling most seats at the Gong for each of them.

What a tremendous way to share the Good News of Jesus with a world who desperately needs Him!

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