Wednesday, December 19, 2018

His Creativity

Waking up to a broken pipe in our water system today meant no water to shower in, clean the dishes or do laundry with before leaving Hvar.

But I'm so very thankful for these dear friends who came to work on fixing it before we left.

They live in the village so will see the repairs through to the end, even though we're not there. And our dear Marijana, who watches over the house for us, will clean and take care of things that didn't get done.

As we drove away to the ferry, an absolutely gorgeous sunset reminded me of God's magnificent creativity in everything!

How often have I seen him creatively brighten my day, fix a problem, provide a way through a difficulty, or show me his plan that was infinitely better than mine?

Every day is full of his hand working on my behalf. My job is to open my eyes and see Him there.

And I most certainly do!

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