Friday, July 19, 2019

A Delightful Birthday

Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher are here this week-end for a special occasion!

Tomorrow is Tyler's 29th birthday!

And it's been ten years since we've been with Tyler on the day of his birthday, celebrating the gift he is to us and now to his own family!

The last time we celebrated Tyler's birthday together he had just graduated from high school and was on his way to the States later that summer to begin college.

What an amazing ten years it's been since then...going to Moody, meeting Lara, marrying her (yay!), finishing school, having Judah, getting a Master's degree, having Asher, raising support, and moving to Czech in 2018 as JV missionaries!

Tyler, we celebrate who God has made you to be, and for the ways that you've followed Him all these years!

Claire made an absolutely deliciously beautiful lemon tart to celebrate her brother! And then it was time for presents, which were hard to wait for by some anxious little boys who were looking forward to giving their daddy special gifts they picked out!

What could be better than a Lego that they could help him put together?!

Lara gave him an absolutely exquisite drawing of their family, done by a friend of theirs, which totally delighted Tyler! It will for sure be a treasure for many years to come.

When it was time for the boys to go down, we all headed upstairs to "their room" (which used to be Uncle Caleb's!) to say goodnight.

As we read books, sang, prayed and gave hugs and kisses to the boys, my heart soared with delight in Tyler and his family, who is leading and loving so well!

Later in the evening when we "gave words", as we always do on birthdays, I told Tyler that my word for him is the same one I had when he was nine years old: delightful! I distinctly remember using that word to describe him back then; and it's still true today!

I love you so much Tyler and celebrate the man that you have become in these past 29 years!

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