Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Down by the River

It took me longer than expected to get over the food poisoning/stomach flu (still not sure what it was) that I brought back from Istanbul.

But this morning I was feeling better so headed into Ostrava to surprise some little people.

Tyler told me that they were down by the river while Lara was at her Czech lesson. So I parked and set off to find them!

If I hadn't been so anxious to hug and kiss them, I could've stood here for a long time, mesmerized by the charming beauty of these little boys feeding the ducks down at the river!

I managed to get pretty close without them knowing, and took this photo just before Judah recognized it was me!

Lots of hugs and exclamations of "NONNIE" poured forth (doing my heart such good!).

After we'd fed all the bread to the ducks, and thrown in enough rocks, we headed back to their home.

Little brother is enjoying older brother's scooter!

A picnic lunch on their porch, and reading books brought from the States was just about as idyll of an afternoon as it gets!

Asher took a fall a few days ago, not seeing the lid to a pump at some friends' cottage, and face planting right into it. He's going to be one tough guy for all the times that he gets bumps and bruises like this!

My mom had bought these books for the boys when I was visiting her and my dad in June, so it was fun to deliver them and get to read this afternoon to those book loving boys!

Love you Judah and Asher! I'm glad to be home so I can see you, hug you, read to you and some over to visit whenever I can!

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