Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best Ice Cream in Town

Amidst a long list of things to work on today, I took a break to go into town to pick up a few things.

After waiting in long lines, and encountering more people and traffic than I could ever imagine around here, I decided to detour before going home.

Yes, I've posted about this place before! But when you know a good thing, you want to share it! 😂

I was here for just one thing today; and it's not what she's scooping!

It was this: točená zmrzlina - soft serve ice cream!

I don't know what their recipe is, but it's been tried and true for many, many years and there's nothing quite like it.

A mix of pineapple and vanilla was just the needed motivator on this warm afternoon to get back to work...after I'd finished every last lick, of course! 😁

If you're ever in town, during the summer/early fall (they don't have it the rest of the year), please do yourself a favor and stop to enjoy some.

They even have gluten free cones that are better than the regular ones, so ask for that if you're there!

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  1. We were just there about a year ago, together! how fun!!