Saturday, July 27, 2019

Rain and Shine

Early this morning Dave and I left Frydlant, heading south to catch a plane in Vienna.

This is not Vienna! It's Mikulov, at the Czech border.

While Dave finished preparations for his JV country leader summit, I drove... pouring rain!

Don't worry...I had Dave take this both my hands are on the wheel!

I kept thinking about our church's Family Fest still happening in Frydlant, hoping that this storm wasn't headed their way. (Update: It didn't!)

We made it to the Vienna airport, ready for our flight, with hopes of finding sunshine in the next location.

The skies here were definitely not promising it any time soon.

But, an hour and a half later, the sun was shining here!

We landed at the Split airport, with a good reason for me to be wearing a hat. It was hot, humid and sunny!

All the JV country leaders, plus the JV leadership team, are arriving at the Trogir marina this afternoon to head out on a boat for their training, equipping and coaching week.

I wanted to see what it's like to be at the helm of a sailing boat!

One of our board members flew in from the States today to also join them this week.

While they got ready to head out, I made my way to another boat down at the port of Split...

...with my dear Amy!

She and Mel are in "exile", as we're calling it, for the next six months, unable to be in the Czech Republic due to a totalization agreement between the US and Czech in regards to US Social Security laws. This requires you to leave your country of residence every 5 years (though you can apply for an extension up to nine years) for six months. You don't have to return to the States; you just can't stay in the country of your residence. They've been gone from Czech since May.

When I realized that Amy would be alone this week while Mel's at the country leader summit, in a campground by herself (they are camping so they can stay in Europe to continue their ministry, long distance, with JV), I said I'd come down to be with her.

So here we are, ready for some sweet times of fellowship together this week. It's so good to see her again!

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