Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Beauty in Cappadocia

Back to Ürgüp after our morning walk on the spectacular trail through Pigeon Valley, we were happy to stop for some refreshment!

A recommendation from our guide for lunch proved to be a serious win.

And a follow up coffee at an incredible little shop called Mackbear, right in the heart of the town, was a second win in Ürgüp! I googled it later and read their story, which made it all the more heartwarming to have found them! Hope they'll continue to be successful here.

From there we headed a short distance through town to the studio of Güler Somtürk, a master at the art of ebru, a Turkish art of paper marbling. Using a method of aqueous surface design, she scatters insoluble paint over dense water that is then transferred on to a sheet of paper, which produces a beautiful piece of art.

The technique can also be used on silk, which produced a gorgeous one-of-a-kind scarf!

The different aspects of beauty in Turkey has been amazing for us all to see!

The afternoon was full with more of those amazing sights.

I am beside myself with joy from seeing so many new and beautiful places that I didn't previously know existed!

We ended our day with a stop for pictures to help us remember this surprisingly beautiful part of God's creation.

Steve and Polly, thank you for inviting us to be with you all! It's a trip of a lifetime, and all the better getting to share it with you and the kids!

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