Friday, July 12, 2019

Afternoon in Vienna

Every six months now I have to take a trip to Vienna to either pick up a prescription or see my doctor there. Or as is the case today, do both!

This time I invited Claire to come with me, even though we've just been together for two weeks in Greece and Turkey on an Early Church study tour. What can I say? I enjoy any and all time I get with my daughter!

Since the appointment wasn't until later in the afternoon, we stopped by the Albertina art museum, because it's a favorite of Claire's. Plus, you never know what traveling exhibitions will be there, so it's fun to be surprised by different kinds of artists.

One of the exhibits was by a Viennese artist named Nitsch, who is known for his use of color and abstract paintings.

They're huge! And there were so many of them.

Claire and I were sitting on a bench talking about the above paintings when I heard my name called.

Who could possibly know me here??

This is Kaja, from Slovakia! I've known her for several years now, having met up with her through the years at KPM's and Fusiondary. I didn't know the young man, but he knows us because he's from one of our supporting churches in Colorado! What a truly small world it is!

After time at the museum Claire and I made our way to the pharmacy to get my medications, and then headed for the doctor's office.

I had a silent prayer that my doctor would be willing to see Claire, even though she's not currently taking new patients. But I thought if I brought her with me there might be a chance of her getting in.

Thankfully, my prayer was answered! The doctor is willing to do the kind of testing on Claire that she did for me two years ago, finding out precisely what foods she's intolerant of or allergic to, as well as what she might be missing in vitamins and minerals.

This made my heart sing with praise to the Lord for hearing my prayer and caring to answer it through this doctor!

Claire isn't sick; I don't want to give that impression! Rather, I just know what a help it's been to me to find out those things and think Claire will benefit from it too.

What a perfectly lovely day in Vienna with my darling girl!

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