Friday, July 26, 2019

Kuzko the Alpaca

For three days this week, our church is doing a super fun outreach for our town called Family Fest!

There is a photo booth (as shown above!), carnival games, food, drinks, bouncy houses and...

One lovable alpaca!

The man on the far left, just behind my friend Veronika who's posing with Kuzko the alpaca, is from Peru but lives here in Czech with his family...and their pet alpaca!

You wouldn't believe what a hit he was...and how huggable too!

Everyone wanted a turn, either hugging or walking the alpaca, who was, surprisingly, quite agreeable to it all!

After dinner, everyone gathered for another family game - this time water balloon toss!

I was opposite Dave, so didn't dare have my phone out too long as I needed to catch the next balloon coming my way!

After the kids left and went inside for a movie, Dave gave another talk for all those who had come - this time about the secret to a healthy marriage!

In case you're wondering what the secret has to do with giving each other the right kind of "water"!

Again, we were so happy with the turnout tonight and it's been easy to have good conversations with people that we've just met. We're praying that these will lead to deeper relationships that allow us to talk about our faith, and how knowing Jesus changes everything.

Family Fest will continue on tomorrow, with more fun for the families; but Dave and I have to leave early in the morning for something else so said goodbye to people tonight. Hopefully we'll see some new ones in church the next time we're there!

Until then, a picture and a hug with Claire finished out our Family Fest days!

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