Monday, July 1, 2019

End of Day in Hierapolis

After seeing Sardis, Laodicea, and Pamukkale, all in one day, I didn't think anything else could "wow" me today.

But up above Pamukkale, the beautiful travertine phenomena, is the ancient city of Hierapolis.

While the ruins were interesting, it was this that took my breath away up there.

This impressive theater was probably constructed under the reign of Hadrian after the earthquake of 60 AD.

Used over hundreds of years, an earthquake in the 7th century caused the collapse of the entire building as well as the ultimate abandonment of the city.

But restoration has been taking place here since 2004, making it an absolutely fantastic sight to see!

As the sun set, most our group gathered for a photo overlooking the theater, the end to an amazing day together here in Turkey!

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