Friday, July 19, 2019

The Shoe Salesman

I don't remember when it first started, but for over a year now, when our grandson, Judah, comes over, he opens up shop in our bedroom to "sell" shoes!

He loves pulling Papa and Nonnie's shoes out of the closet, lining them all up, and then having us "shop" for shoes, trying on different ones and choosing which ones to "buy".

Today was a unique day in the shoe shop because there was actually a pair of shoes that had come all the way from the States for his dad!

When I was visiting my mom and dad in Oregon in June, my dad showed me a pair of shoes that he'd once bought here in Czech, but hadn't worn very often. I told him that they looked like shoes Tyler might wear, and after a quick message to Tyler to find out his shoe size (the same as his Bapa!) my dad said he'd send them back with me for Tyler.

The past few times they've been over to visit since I brought them back, I've forgotten to give them to him.

But that was all for the best as it was WAAAAYYY more fun to have Judah "sell" his dad a pair of shoes today!

After he'd measured his dad's feet with his hands and showed him the one pair of shoes he could try on, he then told him it would cost "20 and 20" to buy them from him. 😂

With a quick sleight of hand from me to Tyler (slipping him a few coins!), the happy customer paid Judah for his shoes.

Tyler modeled for Judah before leaving with, just to get the shoe seller's final okay. 🤣

And then the happy customer trotted down the hallway with his very good purchase!

I wish you could have heard the satisfaction in Judah's voice for having sold his dad a pair of shoes. 😁

He did such a good job with the sale that he went shoe shopping himself afterward!

I don't know how much longer the 'shoe shop will be in business' as you know how it is with little kids - they invent a game that works for a while, and then one day, it turns out to be the last time they play it!

I didn't want to miss writing about this as it then cements the memory for us all of the time when Judah was a very good shoe salesman!


  1. Oh my this is so funny! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Connie..this couldn't be a cuter story! I love this so much and it's so awesome that Tyler got a pair of his Bapa's shoes for a birthday treat too. Go Judah!!!