Sunday, July 7, 2019

Catching Up with Charlie

Dave, Claire and I didn't arrive home until almost 3 AM last night after our flight back from Istanbul.

And unfortunately along the way, I developed the same symptoms as Claire and the others in our group who had gotten sick in the last two days.

Let's just say traveling in that state is tricky and not optimal.😳

So today was a "flat in bed" day . . . except for when this little cutie called!

There is nothing like Charlie's sweet face, and his mom and dad's cheery voices, to make you feel better!

It was so good to catch up with them from these past weeks, and hear about what's been happening in Albania this summer. They've already seen over twenty young people put their faith in Jesus at the first camp they did! We're praying that the next camp, which will be with even more students, will bear fruit like that too!

Thanks for cheering me up today Charlie! A cheerful heart is definitely good medicine for Nonnie!

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