Saturday, July 6, 2019

Treasured Last Day

Our last morning in Istanbul started off so delightfully!

These are long time friends, from our early days of ministry in Germany, who now live here in Istanbul. They came into the city to have coffee and fellowship with us this morning! What a treasure to get time together with them.

Next up for the morning was a planned rendezvous at what we thought was going to be a Turkish towel shop. But when GPS led us here, we thought we'd gone to the wrong place.

Amazingly, we were the ones in the wrong, not Google maps! Who would guess that this is waiting for us inside?

Inside those doors are three floors of the most beautiful Turkish cotton products, woven on old-style-shuttled looms using natural materials.

If you are ever in Istanbul, this place is SUCH a treat to see, whether you buy or not!

Jennifer's Hamam, is a very unique store with so many beautiful hand-crafted cotton items. As it says on her website:

Jennifer's Hamam works with these artisans directly to create beautiful hand woven organic Turkish towels, pestamel, peskir, kese, robes, bedcovers, blankets, throws, table & bed linens in a quality that you can no longer find in the world. Our designs are unique and most are limited edition.

You can find her in the Arasta Bazar market with a small selection, or come to the showroom for the real treat!

I'm putting in this picture, which is across the street, so if you ever go, you know you're in the right place!

We finished our time together with Steve, Polly and family at a restaurant overlooking the city.

Our guide, Aydin and his apprentice, Deniz, joined us too in this beautiful spot with a magnificent view.

Unfortunately Claire had gotten sick with whatever it was that three other people in our group already had as well. So she didn't get to join us for this last lunch.

Overlooking the Blue Mosque

It was fitting to follow Aydin one last time back to the hotel - what an amazing guide he's been during this trip! We've been on many different tours, and he gets the #1 prize for best guide of all!

Ginger came to the room to say goodbye to Claire...and give something special to her.

It's the scarf that was made by the woman in the Cappadocia region! What a treasure for Claire!

And what a treasure this entire trip has been!! It will take weeks, if not months, to absorb all the teaching, sights, and beauty that we've witnessed and experienced. Truly, it's been a trip of a lifetime.

And now, we're headed for home, back to Czech, full of such richness from the Lord these from past two weeks!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of the sights, joys and lessons of this epic trip. I told you that I was envious of this trip before you went and and am a thousand times more so so now that I see the sights your encountered. Thank you for blogging and keeping this memory alive in your blog. Someday....