Thursday, July 18, 2019

July Afternoon

We're up at Malenovice today, welcoming some visitors who have come for the afternoon.

Amidst an English camp taking place here, a group of students from the States came to have lunch with us here today.

These are students from Manhattan Christian College in Kansas who are serving in Poland this summer under the leadership of Dave and Jen, former JV staff who lived in Estonia for seven years, loving and serving youth there.

We had such a good afternoon with them, hearing about their ministry in Poland this summer, working with the church and youth that Dan and Laura Hash (JV founders with us) lead in Mikołów.

And we got to tell stories, share some of our part in JV's history, and have a great discussion on the difference between doing ministry in a program manner or organically - something that Dave loves to talk about! Oh, and they're reading Dave's book "Father God" this summer, so they got to talk with him about that too.

Dave, their professor at the college, is back in the States for a few days so we didn't get to see him. But it was such a treat to be with his students, and with Jen who I've known now for nearly 18 years!

After lunch I invited all of them down to our house to give them a copy of my book on the condition that they would pass it on after reading it themselves. They said yes!

How I love a group of college students, living radically for Jesus on mission for Him, and pouring into young people with His good news. Can't think of a better way to spend a July afternoon!

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