Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Time with Amy

While Dave and Mel are with the JV country leaders in Croatia this week, Amy and I are spending these days together as well.

She and Mel have been out of the Czech Republic since May because of US social security laws (a requirement if you want to keep your SS).

The US doesn't require you to come back to the States, but it DOES require you to leave your country of residence for six months. As you can imagine this is quite disruptive to life and ministry for our teammates that are under this requirement (and yes, it applies to us too).

Mel and Amy chose to stay in Europe, camping (since that's one of the least expensive options), so that they could be in the same time zone and continue their ministry with our JV team by Skype, FaceTime and all of other means of communication!

When I realized that Amy would be alone during these days that Mel was on the country leader summit trip, I happily offered to come be with her.

We've been talking, reading, cooking and praying together every day this week which has been the sweetest! But tonight we took ourselves out to dinner and sat for hours in this magical outdoor restaurant perched on the side of a hill.

It's been a restful, nourishing time, full of kindnesses from the Lord each day.

We won't see each other again until October so we're fully taking advantage of this time with each other, face to face, never seeming to run out of things to talk or pray about.

I've missed Amy these past few months so this has been a nourishing and sweet time to spend with her. Twenty one years of friendship, ministry and life together is a treasure; I am glad we got to make another memory with each other this week!

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  1. What kindness the Lord has shown us these past days...He is plenteous in goodness, and this has been such a gift, nourishing to body and soul. I am so very thankful for you, my precious friend. You are such a strength to me!