Saturday, July 20, 2019

Water All Day

Morning coffee on the patio with family was a perfect way to start Tyler's 29th birthday!

While we had the festivities for Tyler here last night, the celebration is continuing on today with a bike ride that is being readied.

Yes, helmets are in place and we're ready to roll for the day!

Oh but wait! It's not us going on the bike's Tyler and Lara! 🤣

They headed off for his birthday bike ride, planning to be gone for a good part of the day.

Whoopee! That means a fun day at Papa and Nonnie's house for these little guys!

And the order of the day? Anything with water!

Though the day started out cloudy and looked like it might be stormy, it thankfully passed by us so our water fun continued.

Right on out to the little pool that I've been waiting all summer to get out!

And oh boy, what a hit that was!

In and out, in and out, in and out - they couldn't get enough of it!

I had to make them get out to come eat a bite of regular fare, when they're at our house, of chicken, blueberries and freshly made french fries with ketchup!

The water fun the fountain that Papa got working again!

And hose time in the yard!

They did push pause on the water and take the net to go bug hunting for a little while. 🤣

But then they were right back to it!

"Hey Judah! I caught a big bug!!"

It was just about as sweet as it gets, playing in the water and yard all day long, never getting out of swimsuits, even for naps!

By bed time they were all tuckered out, as were their mom and dad who had ended up ditching the bikes and climbing Lysa Hora, the mountain nearby that my blog is named after!

I will never stop giving thanks to the Lord for the gift of having family nearby. It's just about as sweet as it comes!

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  1. Such a cute window into the lives of BOYS! Water, water and more water...and what better place to indulge than when they're spoiled at Nonnie and Papa's! LOVE!