Saturday, October 26, 2019

Love in the Room

Last night Dave and I flew in to Portland, Oregon, a very familiar place to us since I grew up in Oregon and Dave went to college here!

We're just here for the week-end, for a couple different events, one of which started this afternoon with these lovely ladies.

I've known Michelle and Jan (daughter and mom) for nearly forty years, and have shared a lot of life with them, even though I moved overseas in 1986. They're my prayer warriors, my disciplers, and my best friends! It's hard to even put into words how much they mean to me.

The reason we're together today is because we're celebrating another dear friend, Taylor, and her upcoming wedding!

I met Taylor when she came to the Czech Republic to do a summer internship with JV a number of years ago.

She was sent by Michelle!

Taylor lost her mom as a young girl, and her dad when she was a high schooler - such devastating losses for her. Michelle stepped into her life about ten years ago, and over time they developed a mother-daughter relationship, unofficially adopting each other. But "unofficial" is just a technical term! They live out their mother-daughter relationship in the sweetest way.

And now, Taylor is getting married to Jackson so Michelle is gaining a son-in-law!

Their story is truly a miraculous God story, beginning with Jackson originally being from Rwanda, and Taylor working with Rwandans who live in Portland.

A friend who knew both of them introduced them, even though Jackson lived in Arkansas and Taylor in Portland. Over the course of time they fell in love and will be married in November!

Debbie, a dear friend of theirs (they actually got engaged at her house!) and her family held a wedding shower today for Taylor AND Jackson, calling it a "Best Friends" shower. What a great idea!

Debbie prepared an absolutely incredible lunch feast for us all, and then we sat in their beautiful room with light streaming in from all around on this perfect fall day, and each of us gave just one word to the bride and groom, which we wrote on a mat that will go into a frame.

While you could only write one word on the mat, you could thankfully explain it with more words! All of the words were so specific and loving to this couple. It couldn't have been a sweeter afternoon.

I took the group photo of the "best friends" which will go into the mat and frame that they say will have a special place in their new home!

On every level it was meaningful to be here for this very sweet occasion.

So much love was in this room as we all celebrated the joy of Taylor and Jackson's lives becoming one in just a few weeks.

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  1. This day truly would not have been so special had you not been there. And you are so right that "love in the room" is the best way to describe what it was like to be with Taylor and Jackson for their best friends' luncheon!! Thank you for going the extra mile---literally and figuratively---to be with my honorary daughter! Love you....