Thursday, October 10, 2019

Arriving on Hvar

The ferry from Split over to Hvar brought Dave and I here today for the wedding of two Czech friends that will take place here tomorrow!

They have rented our house out for their whole extended family, so as Dave and I travel on these very familiar roads, it's funny to think that we're not staying there tonight.

Instead we'll be in a room down by the marina in Sveta Nedjelja. It honestly makes me so happy though to think that our friends and their family will be blessed to be at the house for this very special occasion.

And I'm just happy to be back on the island that I love so much!

The Pitve tunnel. Never seen what it's like? It's a little crazy! You can watch a video HERE!

The weather couldn't be farther from what it is at home in Czech right now.

As we were driving I saw this photo from Tyler on Instagram of what it's like in Ostrava right now!

I love it there too! But for today, I'm glad to be driving up to this spot on a warm, sunny day.

As we walked up to the house, we could hear happy voices!

Our friends who will be getting married tomorrow (see here for the earlier story about them) have already arrived with some of their family.

And what a show Hvar is putting on for them tonight!

When you see sunsets here, especially in the fall and early winter, you feel like you've never seen one.

Oh they're just so spectacular!!

I don't know if this old saying is true, "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight". But if it is...we should have a beautiful day ahead for a wedding!

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