Friday, October 11, 2019

Wedding Day on Hvar

We woke up to sunshine, warmth and a breeze this morning.

Dave and I arrived onto Hvar last night for the wedding of some friends from the Czech Republic. Since they and their family are staying in our house (if you don't know the story of it, see HERE!), so we're staying in a room by the sea.

But we headed up to the house for breakfast with the bride, groom and their family. And it wouldn't be a wedding breakfast without traditional "Svatební koláčky" brought from Czech!

Most every Czech wedding will include these pastries, either delivered to guests before the wedding,
or served during the festivities afterward!

The moms of the bride and groom, as well as the bride's sister and family, have arrived so we all enjoyed breakfast together on the terrace on this beautiful morning.

But then it was time to head down to the wedding location to set up.

Yes, from this spot of the pier down by the sea at Sveta Nedjelja, I'll play music for the wedding!

While I practiced on the keyboard that had been brought from Czech, Dave rehearsed with the bride and groom.

Their witnesses joined them after getting all the chairs set up, complete with pretty white bows!

I had a perfect view of them from the back where I'll be during the ceremony. I'm also the photographer for the wedding so won't get many photos on my phone as I'll be busy getting them on our camera.

The setting for this wedding is one of the prettiest I've ever seen!

It won't be long before the bride will walk down on her father's arm, past the famous tree of Sveta Nedjelja, and down the steps to meet her groom by the sea!

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