Saturday, October 26, 2019

Soon to Be Married

This evening, after the "Best Friend's shower" and a Christmas shopping trip, Michelle and I met up with Dave, Taylor and Jackson.

Wanting someplace quiet, we headed to an unusual, but perfect, spot - Nordstrom's Cafe at Washington Square mall!

Tucked away in a corner by ourselves, over a yummy meal, Dave and I did some pre-marital counseling with this dear couple who will be married in just five weeks.

If the four of us ever did an album, this could be our cover, thanks to Michelle's photo taking skills! 🤣

When the server came to tell us the restaurant was closing (note to self, Nordstrom's cafe closes an hour before the store does!), we made our way out to the mall to finish our time with them.

Dave gave "father" words to Taylor (whose dad passed away when she was in high school), blessing her into this marriage.

Then we prayed for Taylor and Jackson right there in the middle of the mall, that they will lives of love for each other and God, and be completely humble, gentle and patient, bearing with each other in love as they soon become one flesh, husband and wife!

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  1. This really was an anointed night together, so much so that I recorded Dave's profound hour and 10 minute input to Taylor and Jackson about biblical marriage. I love how he unpacked Genesis 2 and 3 and Ephesians 5 while encouraging them to have a biblical theology of marriage. Then to have you there adding to the conversation while the two of you modeled such wisdom and depth as you both poured into Jackson and Taylor. Thank you for bringing all of what you had to give. Your investment will last forever!