Sunday, October 20, 2019

Missed Fellowship

This morning I got a photo from a sweet friend of mine at our home church in Warrenville, IL.

It's Dave in the pulpit, giving an update on our family, and then heading into preaching the morning sermon.

So where was I??

Sick in bed all day.

On our last flight from Europe to the States on Sunday, I got separated from Dave and was between two men who literally coughed the entire flight. I prayed and prayed for God's mercy over me as I felt the germs flying. And my body held out all week, though I didn't have much of a voice during those days.

But Saturday morning I woke up coughing, and by Sunday morning I was miserable. I actually got dressed and went partway to church, only to turn back when I recognized that I was sicker than I realized (not to mention that I would have been spreading those same germs as the men passed on to me!).

But oh how deeply disappointed I was to miss fellowship with our church family there. I couldn't even make it for the evening service when Dave shared about what God's been doing in JV during this past year.

Instead I had to trust the Lord and content my spirit with praying from bed for my brothers and sisters at Grace Church of DuPage. If anyone from our church family is reading this, "I'm so sad I missed you!"

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