Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Seeking Help

This morning I made my way back to the dentist because of pain I'm still experiencing after a wisdom tooth extraction two weeks ago.

Although I knew the extraction had been a difficult one, I wasn't prepared for the prolonged pain I'd experience. It wasn't "keep you in bed" pain (though there were definitely days I would rather have curled up in bed in hopes of sleeping away the pain), but rather a deep aching kind of pain that was with me every minute of every day.

Yet life was happening (JV fall conference, guests, family, celebrations) so I just kept going.

But by Monday of this week I was weary of the pain so made contact with the dentist to come back for a check up.

He was quite thorough, even making sure by x-ray that a piece of tooth hadn't been left behind (it hadn't).

So in the end he told me was sorry that I was still experiencing pain, but assured me that I'd feel better soon - in fact, he all but guaranteed me that by next week this time, I wouldn't feel anything.

It's amazing what "hope" does for you. When you can't see the end of pain, it feels endless. But when someone tells you it will be over soon, it lifts your spirits.

I wish the answer to pain was always that simple. There are many people in my life that I'd like to be able to guarantee that the "dark of night" will be over soon. This is where I can only pray (though that's no small thing!) and trust God.

But in my case this time, with physical pain, I'm looking forward to it being over soon!

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