Friday, October 18, 2019

It Takes a Village

Welcome to Josiah Venture headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois!

Our US office for JV is in the Cedarstone building, the non-profit organization who does all of JV's accounting and back office work for our US missionaries. They were an integral part of us beginning our own mission organization back in 2002 (prior to that we were under the umbrella of another organization), so it's wonderful that we can have our stateside office here.

It's a cozy place for our missionaries to come to, whether they're here during a home assignment in the States, a new missionary raising support, or as we are today, visiting for the JV board meeting that takes place just outside the office door.

Sarah (sitting at the desk in the office picture above) and Theresa (pictured with me below) run our office, doing HR for all of our JV missionaries. What these two do for us is INVALUABLE! Not only are they excellent and efficient at what they do, but it's literally always done with kindness and a smile!

It's hard to even describe how much these ladies mean to us.

I have known Theresa for nearly 30 years now, having met her the year that we came to Wheaton college for Dave to get his Master's degree. What an incredible gift from God she has been to me personally, and to the whole JV team!

She has walked with our family for many years now, serving us in seemingly a million ways. And today was no different! I'd gotten locked out of my Word and Excel files due to an operating system upgrade on my computer, that didn't like my 2011 version of those files! After time and perseverance (and a phone call to Microsoft support!), Theresa got it unlocked. She's amazing, in so many different ways!!

It takes a village to keep our missionaries going on the field. And in our case, part of that village includes people like Theresa and Sarah here at the offices in Wheaton!

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