Monday, October 14, 2019

Minnesota Farm

We arrived late last night into Minneapolis, after about twenty hours of travel. How special to wake up to a beautiful fall morning at our friends' farm!

This is the home of our JV board chairman and his wife, and we came to spend today with them. Dave's been here before, but I have only heard about it all these years. I loved finding the Czech flag hanging here!

They actually have many flags flying from the countries where JV works!

We spent time walking the farm this morning, enjoying the glorious beauty of fall which is coming along beautifully here in Minnesota!

This is not a crop farm, but a goat farm! They've raised goats for many years, breeding, selling and showing them. But today their 15+ goats (I didn't count but there are at least that many) are mostly just pets, who all have names.

They used to have a goat named after me! But sadly she's gone now so I had to settle for feeding their alpaca who is quite a character!

In the afternoon, a couple came over who are here in Minnesota right now for an interview for a youth pastor position at the church our friends go to. Would you believe the wife has been to Slovenia six times at JV camps, and even interned there one summer?!

The world is a very small place!

After a wonderful day with our friends, we headed back to the airport to head on to our next destination.

Next time I hope we can stay longer and enjoy more fellowship and all the beauty Minnesota has to offer!

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