Saturday, October 12, 2019

Boating to the Pakleni's

The Lord gave our friends who just got married yesterday, another beautiful day on Hvar.

Which was all the more meaningful because they had rented a boat for everyone to go out in today, to enjoy the beauty of the Pakleni islands just off of Hvar.

They boat picked them all up right in Sveta Nedjela, where the wedding had been yesterday.

But since Dave and I have to leave later on today, and the boat won't get back there in time for us to make it to the ferry, I drove our rental car into Hvar Town and got picked up at the end of the riva. That was fun!

The bride and groom were in happy spirits today when I boarded the boat! Yesterday was such a special wedding day for them.

From Hvar Town we all headed out to the Pakleni's, which were just as beautiful as always.

Some people swam, and the kids even jumped off the top of the boat!

It was crazy to be here in mid-October and still have it be warm enough for swimming.

After a few hours we headed back into town.

The bride's dad wanted to take everyone out for lunch, so we got off the boat and Dave ran to a restaurant that we like in town, to see if they had space for us.

In the meantime we meandered and took photos on this gloriously beautiful day.

The bride and groom are on the right, and the bride's family are next to them.

Last year we'd come to this restaurant with our friends from Wyoming and had such a wonderful meal. I'm glad they had room for 15 of us to come again today!

What a perfect spot to continue the celebration of this marriage!

Many of us enjoyed fish - the fresh catch of the day - as well as great conversation!

While they will all stay for a few more days, Dave and I had to say our goodbyes to them after lunch, so we could head to the ferry and cross back over to Split.

This has been such a sweet week-end being on Hvar with our friends to celebrate their marriage! So thankful we could join them for a few days.

Tomorrow we fly to the States!

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