Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kindred Spirit

In this cozy spot in downtown Glen Ellyn, I got to have breakfast with someone dear to me.

A missionary kid like our kids were, Lucy Rose grew up in Czech from the time she was in 5th grade until she graduated from a Czech art high school in 2013.

I brought her a package from her mom which included some colored pencils that she loves from Czech!

She and Claire were very close friends all the way through their school days, sharing the same classroom together through junior high (in Czech school you stay together as a class and teachers rotate in to teach all the way through high school).

Though she and Claire went to different high schools, they were in youth group together at our Frydlant church, and spent time at each other's houses often. Her mom is a dear friend of mine so we even did some mother-daughter trips together, as well as coffee and lunch dates. During those years she became like a niece to me, and still to this day calls me Aunty Connie!

Lucy Rose graduated from Wheaton College a couple years ago, and just recently moved back here to Wheaton with her husband. So it was delightful getting to catch up with her this morning!

Though we hadn't seen each other for a couple years, we picked right up where we left off as kindred spirits do!

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