Tuesday, October 22, 2019

For our Farmer Friends

This week Dave and I are on the road, driving through Indiana and Kentucky, visiting foundations, supporters and a church that partners with JV.

Today's drive across the farmlands of Indiana was spectacular!!

Dave and I prayed for the farmers farming these fields, and for all of our farmer friends who work so diligently as unto the Lord.

We prayed they would see purpose in their work, and know God's pleasure in them for all they do to provide food and resources that enable them to give generously to His work.

They are the "unsung heroes" of America, living out of the limelight and working hard day after day to support their families, communities and missionaries around the world.

I'm sure behind many doors we passed today are farmers and their families who are praying, trusting God, and giving of their resources so that missionaries can do the spiritual equivalent of what they do physically day after day...till the soil, plant, weed, fertilize and reap a harvest.

Like farmer's work, spiritual work is organic and is often done one soul at a time.

It takes time, prayer, thought, energy and hard work to lead someone to Christ and disciple them so that they in turn do the same. And this is the work of JV: to till, plant, weed, fertilize and pray for a great harvest of believers in our part of God's movement in Central and Eastern Europe!

Thank you dear farmer friends (you know who you are!) for all that you do for the sake of God's Kingdom advancing around the world!

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  1. Next time you drive through Indiana, you should stop by the farm Roneys have ๐Ÿ˜Š