Thursday, October 17, 2019

JVK Reunion

This afternoon, Amy and I picked up these lovely ladies from Wheaton College!

They are three of our JVK (Josiah Venture Kids) who are students here! Two of them are freshman, and the other is a junior. They represent three of our JV countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia!

L-R: me, Daci, Emili, Kendra, Amy

It was so good to see them, hear about how college is (especially from the ones who have just arrived!) and treat them to dinner. Two of them said they hadn't been off campus since they arrived so I'm glad we could give them a fun excursion to California Pizza Company (who, by the way, has a gluten free cauliflower crust that is so delicious I would never know it was either GF or cauliflower!).

I'm so proud of these three young women, who are beautifully living out their faith, and carrying JV DNA wherever they go! Amy and I are proud JV aunts of these precious ones.

(And I'm a real aunt to Kendra, who is Dave's brother's daughter!)

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