Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ellie and Family

I can't remember exactly when Ellie and I started connecting over coffee years ago; but I DO know we've known her since she was a junior higher!

We met Ellie and her family when we moved to Wheaton in 1991 for Dave to attend Wheaton College Grad School; they were also going to Grace Church of DuPage which became our home church during those years. Dave spoke on a junior high youth group retreat that Ellie was on, so we go back a long ways!

I love this dear woman, who has been faithfully walking with God in the midst of "hard" for the past seven years, ever since their third child, Chase, was diagnosed with brain cancer. And now, cancer is back in his body. Pray for Ellie and her family: Bob, Ellie, Darcy, Aiden, Chase and Karsten...that they will continue to be rooted in faith, trusting God for what is ahead in the days, weeks and months to come as Chase enters treatment again on November 14th.

Ellie is a gifted writer and has been writing about their life and cancer journey for years at Chase Away Cancer. Her thoughts and words are rich, poignant and genuine. She doesn't gloss over the hard, but writes with hope and faith.

Despite having their lives turned upside down by being buried in the cancer world for these past seven years, beautiful color remarkably shines through their lives despite grief and weariness.

A little over a month ago Ellie wrote on her blog:

We call them brave.

We call them warriors.

We say they have a strength we could never comprehend.

And it’s all true.

But they’re also weary and fragile and maybe afraid too. They are the parents who stand with broken hearts and empty arms.

She and her husband are all of these things. They, and their children, have my utmost admiration and my prayers as they walk this difficult road once again.

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