Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Around Wheaton

I did not expect to wake up to this in Chicago today!

Yesterday, Dave and I headed two different directions for the next 36 hours: me to Chicago, and Dave to Denver to see his mom and dad. He barely made it there because of a snowstorm that hit Denver, but I thought I was free and clear coming to Chicago. NOT SO!!

However the snow didn't stop any of my visits today!

First up was Chase, a special little buddy who's been through a lot in his nine years of life.

At two he was diagnosed with brain cancer. And now, for the first time since October 2013, he has had to go back on the inpatient cancer ward because they found a type of thyroid cancer in his little fierce body.

He'll begin treatment on November 14th. Please pray for Chase, and for his mom, dad and three siblings. You can follow his mom for updates here at "Chase Away Cancer".

I'll actually see his mom tomorrow, but today I picked up another friend at their house who was here serving them, as she does so well. I know because my family and I have been the recipient of that care too when I had sick kids many years ago.

Judi, or Grandma Judi, as my kids and all other kids call her, is a one in a million, godly, loving, servant hearted woman.

I wonder how many people she has served in her lifetime? Which includes her own family of four adult kids and many grandchildren - she even has great grandchildren now! And yet here she was today, helping Chase's mom at their house, while Ellie was at the hospital downtown Chicago with Chase getting things done in preparation for his treatment in a few weeks.

Two hours of talking as fast as we could, sped by at this delightful coffee/tea shop, K'Tizo! (I always like to add links here in case you happen to be in the area of someplace I've visited!) How I loved connecting with this friend who I first met when we moved to Wheaton in 1991!

After saying goodbye to Judi, I dashed over to downtown Wheaton and picked up this sweet friend.

Katka is a student at Wheaton Grad School, which is the very school that brought Dave and I here 28 years ago!

She is not American though...she (and her husband) are Slovaks, serving on our JV team in their country. Well...they WERE serving there until they came here for two years so she can go to grad school!

We're happy to loan them to Wheaton for these years, but will be very glad to have them back in Slovakia after she's done!

This has been a special day visiting friends in this town that has come to mean a lot to us over the years since we first came here.

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