Friday, January 24, 2020

Finishing Winter Academy

What a spectacular last morning to be driving up to Malenovice for JV Winter Academy!

Lysa hora is the mountain with the little spire on top - which is actually a HUGE building! Lysa is what my blog is named after as I can see it from our home, thus "Living by Lysa"!

I came up at 7 this morning for a breakfast with one of our missionaries, and am sure glad I did so I didn't miss such a beautiful sight!

Today was our last day of Academy, the training event that our team has designed in order to bring everyone up to speed on all the tools available for ministry within JV.

It's been an absolute joy and privilege to walk through this week with the ladies at my table!

Amy, Erin and Kara - all JV missionaries here in the Czech Republic

We have spent over 50 hours together this week, learning and growing along with our other teammates. This is the last year for us as we have now completed year 2 of the training.

Though I've been part of JV from the beginning, I am so thankful for the ongoing training that we provide so we're all onboard with how to reach young people with the Gospel across this region of the world. It's been a rich, intense, blessed week up here at Malenovice!

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