Monday, January 27, 2020

A Season with Charlie

It's a very sweet season of life, getting to have Caleb, Haley and Charlie live with us while they wait for the arrival of their daughter in February.

While we work hard to stay connected when they're living life in Albania, there is nothing like everyday life with them, and especially with Charlie!

Over the past few days I tried to capture some of those everyday moments, to remember this time when Charlie was 2 1/2.

He loves all things "Pooh"! Singing songs from the Winnie the Pooh album is a frequent occurrence.

Charlie loves his paper and crayons, drawing things out of his vivid imagination!

He also has a cool magnetic drawing pad that he loves to draw on too (and listen to its cool sounds as he presses the letters!). Any guesses what he just drew?

He told me that the circle is my face, and the dark coloring is my hair on the back of my head! 😂

He's got a great love for books and can sit for long periods of time listening to whoever will sit down and read to him!

It happened to be Aunt Claire who was happy to sit down with him this time!

One afternoon I took him to the grocery store with me, and what a fun time we had cruising the aisles as he narrated all that he was seeing!

He's a happy passenger, riding in his car seat, chattering away with his long sentences, or singing one of the many songs he knows by heart!

And it's been so sweet to be with him and his parents at night for bedtime routines full of baths...

... books, songs and prayers.

This is a season that I'll remember for a long time, having Charlie in our house!

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