Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mid-week Celebration

Right in the middle of this week of JV Winter Academy up at Malenovice, Dave and I rushed home for lunch today to see a few special people!

Charlie, Judah and Asher Patty!

We came home to celebrate our son, Caleb's birthday!

While his birthday was on Monday, January 20th, we made today his birthday CELEBRATION since the whole family could be here on this day for him.

The Lord stretched out the two hours we had free to make it feel long and leisurely, celebrating our Caleb.

His birthday gifts were enjoyed by him, and by the three little Patty boys!

That's a blow up pillow for camping that all three boys are trying out!

I adopted a coffee field in Columbia, South America for him through CrowdFarming and he'll get his harvest in the form of coffee beans when they're picked in May!

We also had a special time of giving Caleb the gift of words, sharing with him ways that he's been an encouragement to us this year.

The little boys are encouraged by their daddy (Charlie) and uncle (Judah and Asher) because of his many piggyback rides while doing pushups!

What a delightful afternoon to get to celebrate and honor our dear Caleb!

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