Saturday, January 4, 2020

Sharing Malenovice

It doesn't matter what season it is, it's always lovely up here at Malenovice, our training center for Josiah Venture here in the Czech Republic!

We brought our friends, Daniel and Laurie from South Africa, up here to see it since Daniel's never been here before.

Laurie has been here, probably a hundred times! But we're happy to bring Daniel into the fold and let him see and hear stories about it.

There were no guests here today, and the staff was having an all-day training in preparation for our upcoming weeks of JV Winter Academy. In fact, Tyler and Caleb were up here earlier to do barista training!

So we just sat at Dave's favorite table in the restaurant and shared stories and pictures of JV with Daniel and Laurie.

As we talked, little snowflakes began to fall outside the window.

Which was an answer to Daniel's wish to see it snow while here! It's summer in South African right now so this couldn't be more of a change than what they've got at home.

We've yet to have a really big snow this season, but maybe we'll get a few centimeters for him before they leave!

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