Friday, January 3, 2020

Celebrating the Small

There are the big things in people putting their faith in Christ (over the past two months Dave and I have had the privilege of leading four people to our beloved Savior) as well as weddings, birthdays, new babies, anniversaries and celebrations of other importance.

This post is not about any of those things!

It's merely about celebrating the smallest of small things, like Dave successfully climbing up on our roof today.

It was terrifying to watch, even though the weather was beautiful and not a wisp of wind was blowing.

But in a wind storm recently, one of our cement roof tiles freakishly blew off - they're not supposed to do that!

Since snow is in the forecast, and we don't want any moisture seeping into our roof, Dave braved the  climb, with a new tile and hammer in hand, and made his way across the roof line.

Yikes! I'm sure it looks like lot further down from his vantage point than it looks from down below.

Dave confirmed that indeed, it's pretty terrifying up there! But he got the tile back in place, and hammered it in with a nail so it won't come off again.

Can you see him throwing the hammer down so he didn't have to climb back across with it?! 

While the last picture I took was here...

He did make it safely back down those little roof steps to the window where he climbed in to solid ground.

Whew! Glad that task is done; and shouldn't need to be repeated. I can celebrate that!

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