Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Learning from our Team

Arriving this morning for JV Winter Academy training up here at Malenovice this week gave me a spectacular view!

Our training days begin at 8 AM and go until 9 PM as we work through all of the training materials that JV has developed over the years.

We do get breaks and meals along the way too! And some extras, like a night of testimonies about innovative things people are doing across the region to reach young people for Christ.

My brother-in-law, Josh, who lives and serves in Slovenia, led this evening's interviews of various teammates who shared about these innovative things they've done this past year.

In the above photo, Bogdan shared about a discipleship camp they did with people who at some time in their life were part of the youth ministry at our church in Frydlant. Instead of an outreach evangelistic camp this past year, they decided to solidify faith in all those who have attended in past years. There was tremendous fruit from it, so much so that young people wrote their testimonies and that were put into a book by Bogdan and his team.

Katka from Slovenia shared about her vision to write worship music in the Slovene language, and how she gathered together a small group for a week to do that this past summer!

It is super inspiring to be here this week, hearing these kinds of stories from our teammates, about all the ways God is moving across Central and Eastern Europe drawing young people to Himself!

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