Monday, January 13, 2020

Adventures with Judah

This afternoon I met up at the train station with this cute little man!

Judah (grandson, in case you don't know!), Lara (his mom!) and I headed to Vienna to spend the night. We have doctor appointments first thing tomorrow morning so needed to be here in time for those.

A Monday evening in January seems to be a good time for riding the train! We had a compartment to ourselves most of the way, and empty seats in the compartments around us too so it was quiet.

It made for a very pleasant three hour journey together!

We walked right out of the train station and to our hotel across the street, which gave Judah a great view from the 16th floor!

After a McDonalds picnic on the floor of our hotel room (we'd picked up food in the train station and brought it over here) Judah set about enjoying every bit of our adventure...including heart shaped carrots from his Happy Meal!

The front desk clerk had given him a few kid surprises so he eagerly tested them out. Who doesn't love a kaleidoscope?!

He loved putting his carton of apple juice into the mini frig for whenever he wanted to go take a sip. Oh the simple joy of small things!

He and his mom put together the little puzzle that came with the hotel kid perks...

And he loved testing out the bounce factor on his bed! 😂 😂 😂

Lara had brought a bedtime book so he and Curious George even got to enjoy their regular nighttime routine.

Knowing that tomorrow's testing may not be so enjoyable for Judah, Lara let him make some good memories of our night spent in the hotel room together!

Tomorrow will be a big day for him as he has various tests done to find out what's causing pain in his tummy.

But for now, all is well and we hope to get a good night's sleep before then!

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